Applications matrix

We developed the Energyroof® Applications matrix to make life easier for you. This applies to the building type as well as to the way the Energyroof is integrated in the entire climate installation of the building. For domestic applications (free standing houses), there are some additional items that need attention; for this we developed a decision tree (PDF in dutch).

Energyroof® Applications matrix

  • Concept 1 Energyroof® with open source aquifer
  • Concept 2 Energyroof® with closed circuit aquifers
  • Concept 3 Energyroof® for short term storage
  • Concept 4 Energyroof® for pre-heating, warm tap water
  • Concept 5 Energyroof® for process heating or cooling
  • Concept 6 Energyroof® for swimming pools

In most situations, a combination of applications will exist, e.g. an Energyroof® for a spa complex with heat delivered for the floor heating installation, the pool and showers, but at the same instance cooling for the restaurant.

Many different variances can be thought of and Energyroof® can be applied sooner rather than later. We offer our knowledge to think with you and work towards the best economical and sustainable solution.

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