Below you will find some projects with the Energyroof®.

  • Nueva Bella Donna Amstelveen

    Located near Amsterdam airport, from above the sustainable PV-roofing membrane contributes to the buildings' looks. Underneath, the thermal Energyroof is completing the sustainable picture.... Read more »
  • Sustainable datacenters on several spots, The Netherlands

    For CIF-glasvezel in The Netherlands, we introduced Energyroof for fully sustainable cooling of network stations.... Read more »
  • Rabobank Bollenstreek Hillegom, The Netherlands

    A first local servicepoint of the Rabobank, this one in Hillegom, near the west coast of The Netherlands. Rabobank being a leader of sustainability and a role model for the Dutch banking society demonstrates a clear example of reducing CO2-footprint in the financial business.... Read more »
  • Appartment block De Elsthof, Wijchen

    The system is so flexible, we can write your name with it on the roof. Off course, this hardly contributes to the efficiency, but it shows that no object cannot be tackeled by our engineers.... Read more »
  • Sportshal Eindhoven, NL: the worlds smartest region 2011

    Neatly situated, two quartets of serviceunits are the only visible items on this 700 m2 Energyroof.... Read more »
  • Bredeschool Ilpendam

    ... Read more »
  • Residential appartements in Aalten

    ... Read more »
  • Christiaan Huygens College Eindhoven, NL.

    First part of the local Energy complex, fully sustainable, connecting a school, sportshall and residential buildings in a worldwide premiere.... Read more »
  • Appartementen Nieuwe Binnenweg Rotterdam

    ... Read more »
  • Appartementen WoonService Zone Deurne

    ... Read more »
  • Appartementen Zuidsingel Venlo

    ... Read more »
  • 53 Appartementen Helmond

    ... Read more »
  • King Willem I College Den Bosch (the Netherlands)

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