"The past is no longer a safe guide to our future" Quoted by Al Gore at his lecture at Tilburg University, 23-11-2010


Our philosophy is sustainability. Sustainability as an attitude towards our world. The earth is not our property; we need to handle it responsibly and respectfully.

Over the last years our energy supply relied heavily on the use of fossil fuels. Not only do we know that the supplies of these fuels are limited but we also become increasingly more and insistently aware that the use of fossil fuels as an energy source leads to an irresponsible pressure on our planet earth.

More and more this leads to the realization that changing from fossil fuels to sustainable energy is no longer a noncommittal choice but a necessity. Fossil fuel, like petroleum, is an especially high-grade product that we need to handle efficiently given that it is processed in countless semi finished products and end products. Burning fossil fuel for heating or transport signifies an unprecedented loss, with the added disadvantage of CO2 emissions.

Changing to sustainable energy sources is a necessity but comprehends a transformation process of unprecedented dimensions. Governments, institutions, companies and individuals need to join forces and work together like little cogs in a large machine. SolarTech wants to be such a cog with its Energyroof®. Because the reason for our actions is in the future, not in the past.

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