Energy from sunlight and solar heat

Energyroof®-Plus comprises all the qualities of the Energyroof® but adds the many advantages of PV roof covering. These thin-film PV modules exist of solar cells that generate power. Energyroof®-Plus does therefore not only supply heat and cold but also electricity!

Product features Energyroof®-Plus

The structure of the Energyroof®-Plus is largely similar to the Energyroof®. Read more about the functioning of the Energyroof® here. The difference to the standard Energyroof® is that the top layer of the Energyroof®-Plus exists of amorphous thin-film PV modules (Energyroof®-Plus System roof covering SolarTech PV 16Z) that have been installed on the synthetic roof covering prefab.

The advantages of these PV modules:

  • diffuse light is sufficient to generate power therefore very suitable for the Dutch climate
  • it is not necessary to point the PV cells towards the sun
  • the PV cells are completely integrated in the roof covering and are lightweight, as a result it is not necessary to adjust the roof construction
Projection of a possible application of Energyroof®, in this case combined with floor heating (or –cooling), heated tap water and open source storage in ground water. This is just an example, Energyroof® comes in various combinations. We are happy to advise you further.

Energyroof® and PV roof covering: an energetic duo

PV roof covering functions optimally at a temperature of 25 to 30 °C. Regular flat roofs easily reach a higher temperature on hot days causing the performance of the PV roof covering to be reduced quickly. Because Energyroof®-Plus absorbs and drains the heat of the roof, the roof temperature remains lower. This results in a much higher power yield from the PV cells.

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