The Energyroof® works as follows

The Energyroof® heats up during the day through solar rays and cools down again at night. The top layer of the roof exists of dark coloured and therefore highly absorbent roof covering. Below there is a temperature conductive system of pipes that extracts the solar heat from the roof covering. A liquid mixture runs through these pipes and transports this heat to a heat-cold storage system. The heat is stored here until the moment, after a short or long period, it is needed (for example at night or during the winter). For a simplified depiction of how an Energyroof® works in practice, view the animation here.

At the same time the Energyroof® can also contribute to cooling a building by having cooled water run through the under floor heating, for example during the night. Nocturnal radiation can allow for heat to be given off via the Energyroof®.

The multi-faceted aspects of the Energyroof®

The energy harvested on the roof by the Energyroof® can be used in many ways:

  • heating and cooling buildings
  • heating tap water
  • supplying heat and cold for processing
  • pool heating
  • regeneration of imbalances in heat-cold storage systems
Projection of a possible application of Energyroof®, in this case combined with floor heating (or –cooling), heated tap water and open source storage in ground water. This is just an example, Energyroof® comes in various combinations. We are happy to advise you further.

Energyroof® is widely usable and is suitable for many sectors such as house-construction, commercial and industrial building (schools, hospitals, offices), (processing) industry, hotel and catering industry and leisure. There are various possible applications in the field of building renovation, especially focused on preservation. We are happy to advice you upon request.

The advantages of the Energyroof®

  • 100% renewable solar energy: saving more than 60 kg CO2/m2 per year
  • reduction of the Energy Performance Coefficient by 0,14 (for a standard reference house)
  • ideal for regenerating imbalanced seasonal thermal storage systems
  • prolonged life span for systems with closed switches
  • risk of leakage is practically zero, there are no couplings under the roof covering
  • all stainless steel couplings are located under an easily accessible dome construction (Service Unit)
  • optimal energy transfer with the help of a turbulently flowing liquid mixture in the pipe system
  • light weight, as a result the roof construction does not need to be adjusted
  • invisible and inaudible: only the service points are visible on the roof surface
  • low-maintenance and properly accessible for maintenance inspection
  • economically cost-effective recovery times, proven long life span and standard delivery
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