Energyroof® and Energyroof®-Plus are products by SolarTech International B.V. This enterprise focuses on the development of integral Energyroof® solutions, including design and advice, commercial and on-the-job support, product development and supplying and guaranteeing high-quality Energyroof® components.

For the Dutch market this was elaborated in the business unit Solar Tech Nederland. For the Dutch Roofers Association (NDA) it is the knowledge centre for Energyroof® and Energyroof®-Plus. The members of the NDA form a nation-wide network of roofing companies.

Outside the Netherlands SolarTech International works together with reputable partners with dozens of years of experience in the industry.

SolarTech International B.V.

Visiting address Postal address Showroom
Fellenoord 25 Postbus 576 Industrieweg 130
5612 AA Eindhoven 5600 AN Eindhoven 5683 CG Best

Telephone: +31 (0)40 - 888 2992   Visits by appointment

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