• Building sustainable school the Dutch way

    The Christiaan Huygens College, construction finished late 2010, in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, is set to be the first CO2-neutral school in the country. It is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emission by 98.5 percent and estimated to save € 130,000 annually. Read more »
  • More and more projects realized

    Despite the economic crisis, we are realizing more and more projects with our thermal system Energyroof. Please take a look at the Dutch pages, under "Projecten" and for more info on these projects, contact us. Read more »
  • Master thesis on Energyroof at TU Eindhoven

    Friday June 22, 2012, Turkish student Serdar Özen passed his exams with a master thesis named Performance Analysis of Energy Roof of Christiaan Huijgens College. Read more »
  • Cooperation with Turkish agent BMA

    After we met with the owner, Burak Kiyici, of BMA Ticaret in Turkey, we knew that it was a hit. Now BMA will start spreading the Energyroof accross Turkey and the enormous region he is covering with his sustainable view and products. Read more »
  • More and more visitors from abroad...

    The next delegation visiting the Energyroof®-Plus on the CHC-school in Eindhoven, comes from India. In the sideline of the 5th EuroIndia Summit (held in Leuven), a broad group of top-leaders from Indian cities will show up on October 11th. Read more »
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